Indo-German Workshop on 

Frontiers of Robot Learning (FRL 2024)

Mumbai | March 4 - 6, 2024

Recent years have seen major advancements in machine learning and robotic automation. The fusion of machine learning and robotics presents immense potential to transform various industries and improve human well-being. Intelligent robots can revolutionize healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, waste management, logistics, and more.

Robotics and AI hold significant importance for both India and Germany – Germany has the fourth largest density of industrial robots in the world and India ranks in the tenth position in terms of annual installations as per the World Robotics Report 2023 by the International Federation of Robotics. Recognizing the shared interest in these fields, there is a growing need for increased bilateral exchange and collaboration between the two nations. 

This Indo-German workshop on “Frontiers of Robot Learning” aims to bring together robotics and machine learning researchers and industry professionals from India and Germany. The workshop will facilitate knowledge exchange, collaboration, and discussion on topics such as scalability of machine learning methods into robotics, achieving safe robot learning, learning from human feedback, learning from multiple modalities, and enabling seamless human-robot collaboration.

Supported by:  

Indo-German Science & Technology Centre

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


Arpita Sinha

IIT Bombay

Jan Peters

TU Darmstadt

Alap Kshirsagar

TU Darmstadt

Leena Vachhani

IIT Bombay

Local Coordinators:

Ankit Mitra

Asifa Yesmin

Deepak Mallya

Ishu Jaiswal

Jainik Mehta

Keshab Patra

Sandeep Gawali

Shankha Subhra Sarkar

Shubhangi Nema

Somnath Buriuly

Sweksha Jain

Veejay Karthik